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Mile High Helicopters has a fleet of four Alouette II helicopters. Two based in Florida, another in Ohio and the fourth one in Texas. This spread was in answer to client requests. Even so, we are completely mobile, as in we do not have to fly the helicopters to your location(s), saving us wear and tear, and you, a lot of money on ferry flights.

In the photo you can see where we mobilized two birds for a single client to fly a multi-sensor job which included: LIDAR, video & oblique sensing. If you are close to one of our base locations, then a short flight will have us on site in a matter of hours.


For those not familiar with the Alouette 2, the ride of this model is comparable to that of an A-Star, and the stability of a three-bladed aircraft ensures a smoother flight resulting in better images/data collection and less vibration on the equipment and it's sensitive electronics.

In fact, an Alouette 2's systems are so simple and so safe, the ship could have a complete melt-down of it's own electrical system and still fly undaunted!

The Alouette 2 boasts a superior safety record. So in the end, operators and equipment are getting the best safety advantage available.This is truly one of those cases where simpler and stronger built is much better!

An open tail boom design and removable doors nets the lowest wind profile in the industry! This is one of the most important specifications to our current and past customers who need the use of a machine with nearly limitless tracking abilities.

The open frame allows for passive air resistance, which makes it a far superior aerial platform for aerial images and scanning, as flight corrections for windage are mostly not felt, or have little to no effect on the aircraft's (and camera/scanner's) relative shooting/scanning angle (or "tilt"). The aircraft can fly sideways as slow, or darn near as fast as it can foreward, and with the same degree of control as straight ahead.

One of the greatest aspects of the Alouette, is the fact that everything on it is replaceable, so you can rebuild the entire helicopter over and over and over again. It's like buying a brand new one every five to ten years, but much cheaper in the end. So in reality, are these really "old helicopters"?    No . . . they are not.
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We are a FLIGHT SERVICES company offering many types of flying, but what we're best known for is special flight services for aerial mapping & remote sensing companies, like yours. This recent feedback from one of our clients sums it all up: "Great pilots. They got all our lines done on the first pass".

Mile High Helicopters has been setting new standards in aerial mapping, data acquisition and remote sensing flight operations all over the United States. We've even conducted operations for the gods of the internet in providing services for the development of some new Google products. Yep, we're that good, and are even members of ASPRS, the "Imaging and Geospatial Information Society".

ASPRSThe next important thing you need to take note of, is the fact that we deliberately fly an older model helicopter design FOR SOME VERY GOOD REASONS, better covered in the section about "Our Fleet" (to the left). This older design is still available new, just under a different name and country of origin. There must be a very good reason for this design to still be made for over 50 years, and once you've tried it, you'll know exactly why that is!

Any of our current and former customers can attest to our claims, because they've learned and benefited from the truth, that the Alouette II is the safest, most stable, most efficient and most overall economical flight solution for remote sensing than ANY other helicopter design - period!

We also have a universal mounting system, that can fly just about anything you want! And... absolutely no modifications of any kind were made to any of our aircraft's airframes to accomplish this. No need to worry about us having to file 337 mods or other time consuming hassles in order to fly your equipment. The camera/sensor platform is approved for any and all equipment that can bolt to it, up to our CG limits

As you may know, helicopters such as A-Stars fitted with this type of equipment have been extensively modified (putting some into "Restricted" category) for camera platforms to shoot through the floor (a big hole was cut in the middle of the helicopter). Who wants to ride around in an extensively modified helicopter when you don't have to? We know your insurance carrier, nor ours, want this!

And if you want to talk about range of work time... the Alouette 2 model 318 boasts the longest flying time on a single tank of fuel. A whopping four hours of flight time! For those in the industry who know down time means less scanning efficiency, this is yet another big reason to choose.

Our pilot's flying skills, together with such a forgiving and powerful aircraft, is why Mile High has become the flight services service provider of choice for anyone choosing to employ these (or similar) forms of aerial data acquisition!

We have been flying: LIDAR, MIdas and Midas Stereo, & god old LAMP, and our clients have loaded us up with their: Harrier 56 and 68i, Riegl, Optec (older and newer systems) and of course the black and white and color Leica cameras with added sensor arrays. Have something new? We're the ones you want helping you develop it!

Because of the extreme flexibility of Alouette design, our clients have the options of multiple configurations of both monitoring and computer placement. The very forgiving and massive CG capacity of the aircraft allow for computers to be placed front or rear, so what are you waiting for? . . . The best flight services are just a quick, friendly phone call away!

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