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Mile High has been in existence since 1999, and celebrates 15 years of perfect customer service to date! We support civil and government agencies, such as the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission and local law enforcement, as well as for the Florida Department of Emergency Management.

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Our greatest claim to fame has been the innovation of flight services for aerial mapping and remote scanning companies.

We operate robust Alouette 2 turbine helicopters, which are defined by many insurance underwriters as the safest helicopters to operate. There is no other turbine helicopter seating up to five people with better visibility than the Alouette 2 series helicopter (later version called a Lama). 

Mile High has the experience and expertise to conduct everything except long line aerial lift operations. From agricultural operations such as frost prevention, to super high tech remote sensing flights, we have you covered. Our home base is near Tampa Florida, but we also have satellite operations in Texas and Ohio.

In the past, our competitors thought it amusing we chose to fly older model helicopters, but once we started making a name for ourselves, they really don't have much to say any more. We dominate many aspects of our market and are one of only a few aviation companies globally who has not had to downsize in the current depressed world economy. In fact, we continue to expand!

Our company head, Mr. Eric Jacobson is still very hands-on and insists on taking care of each of Mile High's clients with an extra special dose of customer care our competitors couldn't dream to match.

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TV - Radio - Web - Print NewsLet Mile High take you up to report traffic problems and emergencies. Send up your television or video camera, digital camera and radio or cell phone, and call in events to your television or radio station, right from the air over the scene. We have covered breaking news for TV, radio and printed news many times over. We have the experience and safe machines that can stand still above a scene for extended periods of time.

We have even been utilized by both print media and as a backup to TV stations that actually have their own helicopters! So now you know who the best think the best is in covering special stories and events! They call us - so should you!


Search & Locate
Mile High has a proven record in supporting and assisting local and state governments and law enforcement agencies with emergency aerial support. We have been utilized for accident survey and support, and are on-call for the State Of Florida as a State Emergency Response Team. If you are in local or state government, here in the Florida, or elsewhere in the country, we can provide operations for you. If you are a citizen and have a need for search and location operations, we can assist you as well - call today with the details, and we'll give you a fast quote.
Other Services We Offer

In 1963 the Alouette II (called the "Lark" in the USA at that time) became the first commercial turbine helicopter to fly in the USA, despite it's French manufacture. One of it's very first jobs was that of Frost Prevention, due to the fact that the heat given off by the engine is actually blown downward in slow flight. It was this discovery which motivated it's new owners to import the aircraft to America, and serve as the USA's first aerial-borne crop heater.

Frost FlightJust take a look at the photo to see how the Alouette has its own mass air heater built-in. Combine that with natural heat inversion, and you have the most efficient system for crop Frost Protection there is. One Alouette II can raise the temperature of a 60 acre field in just 30 minutes of grid flying. No other helicopter design can top that! With proven results compared to other helicopters and techniques, our service will raise the temperature on your crops in less time and protect your most valuable agricultural investment!


We can take the shot for you, or take you up to capture that perfect aerial photo of commercial or residential properties, land and development sights. When the REAL pros need an aerial lift for that special shot, they turn to us to get them there, and provide the best platform available!


House AerialIf you are a specialty photographer who does, or may even want to get into the real estate or business aerial photography market, then we have the experience and most stable helicopters to get you the best shooting platform possible!

If you are an agent, broker or appraiser, our aerial real estate experience can tailor make you a photo op to get you the most amazing shots that get your listings of high-end properties SOLD! Whether it is marketing photography you are after, or utility survey operations, we have the experience to do it... Such as plot surveys!

Do you ave a client who is looking for a plot of land, but doesn't know if it will meet their needs? Have the site surveyed from the air! We'll get one of our photographers above, and shoot the lot or land, and then turn over the data for you to share with your client. Questions answered = land sold!


We offer Power & Pipeline Patrol Services with a helicopter that has the best visibility in the industry of ANY turbine helicopter. We are experienced in taking your qualified Survey Teams on spot, short or long survey operations. With our high gross, we can stay up longer and cover a greater range over piston patrols, while having more personnel and equipment on board. Ultimately this becomes a far more efficient process. Don't be fooled by a lower rate per hour from the piston powered operators, if range and equipment are important to your needs! With better visibility/unobstructed views, getting the job done faster and with more safety is a prime formula for success with our Alouette II helicopters.


FWC Survey TeamAerial surveys are conducted to allow for the study of habitats, wildlife, and ecosystems, and to provide resource managers with information that often determines important management techniques, heard sizes, nesting locations and many other important aspects needed to account for.

NestsAs can be seen in the photos, Mile High is very experienced in these operations, being a preferred vendor for the State of Florida, and the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission. We have provided survey operations for both plant and animals, specializing in Deer, Duck, Wading Birds, Alligator Nests, Eagle Nests, Manatees and so on... It was these operations which originally built our business!

If you have a special need for animal, habitat or site survey operations, then call the leader in stability and turbine safety... Call Mile High!

State Emergency Response Team

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