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ACA LAMP on Alouette IIHelicopters are THEE most demanding, maintenance heavy, finicky and hardest to keep working aircraft on the planet (and jet airlines think they have it bad). The point is, to be truly efficient in combining helicopters with specialty operations such as: Aerial Mapping, Aerial Photography and so on . . . jobs of a type which are very rarely flown on a "daily" basis, you are much better off in finding the best helicopter contractor to do the flying for you, than trying to own, maintain and operate your own bird.

Our first aerial mapping/remote sensing customer, Aerial Cartographics of America, learned this the hard way, and for a brief time had owned their own Alouette 2 helicopter, but eventually got rid of it and came back to us. That's their Leica LAMP camera in the photo.

The main problem is, we're talking flights that are extremely demanding of precision. Only the best of the best helicopter pilots can do these well. Trying to keep a really good helicopter pilot on the payroll is very very costly, and can only be done if the helicopter is flown regularly. Maintenance is a lesser problem if the helicopter is not flown on a regular basis, but only if it's not sitting too long between jobs, or then it becomes a worse problem than for one flown daily.

So, to own and operate one, it needs a lot of work or it becomes a luxury you will quickly decide is not cost efficient to keep. This means doing every other kind of job you can get as helicopter work. If you can do this, you'll find you expend a lot more stress, work and hassle "being a helicopter company" than what you really do, or want to do! We ARE a helicopter company, so leave that headache to us!

So many aspects of maintenance and FAA rules and so on change on a daily basis for us, we have a hard and stressful time keeping up with it all, and it's our only business. Time for you to relax and do what you do best, and have us do what we do best for you. In the end, you'll be much happier that your specific jobs will ultimately prove to be less costly and be the best product you can achieve.

In the following gallery, you will be able to see our helicopters rigged for various jobs. Most of this gallery is dedicated to aerial mapping and remote sensing. The purpose is to introduce how adaptable our fleet is to potential new clients in that field, as it is the most demanding operation not using a line to carry loads or fighting fires (our great respect goes to those operators).

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