Certified Spare Parts

Alouette Spares - Partial Inventory View

Mile High Helicopters has acquired spares inventories from former operations all over the world. We have a large inventory of factory spares available for purchase.

Most of our spares inventory are fully documented and certified spares, from both European and American sources, including factory new parts from Eurocopter - USA and France. We also have operationally removed used parts, and those are intended as cores if they are flown out or have been removed due to paperwork concerns (parts installed on our machines prior to our owning them).
We are working on a PDF catalog, but in the meantime you can email us with a specific or general request on what it is you need, or would like to have at: spares@milehicopters.com
If you are in a hurry, you can call: 813-690-7937 and we'll answer your request for a search of our inventory immediately.

We are shipping experts, and can ship your item to just about any place on the planet, so don't hesitate to contact us.  We are also always interested in what spares you may have to offer (when the price is right), so please contact us if you have any GOOD Alouette spares (with documentation) that you are interested in parting with.
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